The perfect winter purchase

With the on set of winter, temperatures drop and therefore the urge to warm up is felt. Why not warm up by going for an indoor hot tubs for sale winter?

Why not take the chance to form a spa?

Imagine yourself warm within the snow in your jacuzzi. the surface view and therefore the well-being provided by the eddies of the bubbles will create a true moment of happiness. Whether the spa is inside or outside, the beneficial effects of its bubbles are wanted in winter for a soothing and pampering session.

Recognized resistance

The innovation of tropicspa spas lies in its ultra-resistant outer coating. it's made from Leathertex, one among the materials wont to cover boat seats. this enables it to make sure resistance to extreme conditions: frost, high heat, UV exposure and guarantees the sturdiness of your spa. it's easy to take care of with the products from the Spas4Ever range designed for this purpose.

Flawless adaptability

Softub hot tubs are designed for indoor and outdoor installation and move effortlessly because of their light weight and optimized structure. it'll easily find its place with its chic design, both in your garden, on your terrace, but also indoors during a veranda or a basement. Just plug it in and fill it with water.

Customizable style

Softub offers different surrounds to decorate up your spa and various colors starting from beige to dark brown, including green and blue. they provide an excellent possibility of arrangement consistent with your garden, your terrace or your interior. Whether you would like traditional or contemporary dressing, we provide a variety which will be adapted to all or any environments.

Instant water purification

The quality of the water is important to be ready to fully enjoy the advantages of the spa. The system manages the cleaning independently and an external filter takes care of the solid impurities. Once every week , you manually add a disinfectant from the Softub range. Softub labeled products offer a good specific range for every cleaning step.

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