What design of jacuzzi bathtubs to go for ?

What are the criteria for choosing a whirlpool bath? In addition to the proposed technology, there are a number of other factors to consider when buying a whirlpool bath. Let's take a detailed look at the standards, shapes and sizes, motorization power, functionalities.

Conformity and safety

First of all, make sure that each model under consideration meets the harmonised safety and performance standards NF EN 60 335-1 and NF EN 60 335-2-60. The first covers the general requirements for domestic electrical appliances; the second is more specifically aimed at baths with circulating water systems.

Safety concerns Electrical equipment, Hygiene, linked in particular to the problems of bacterial development that can be caused by the retention of water in the circuits; and usage as a device preventing the attraction of hair, deactivation of the pump in case of obstruction, suction strainer that cannot be removed without tools, air blown at a temperature limited to 70°C.

Shape and size

The average surface area of the bathrooms is 4 m2. It is therefore the available space that dictates the external shape and the size of the bathtub. The dimensions are generally given overall. Be careful not to confuse the height indicated and the depth of the shell. Too often overlooked, at least in sales literature, this depth varies from - 40 cm to + 60 cm depending on the model. To purchase your ideal jacuzzi bathtubs, choose a shell that is adapted to your morphology and, ideally, that allows total immersion. Its configuration should favour relaxation of the arms, shoulders and neck, and respect for the spinal arch. On this point, ergonomic bathtubs offer the best conditions of comfort with their unbent bottom and curves adapted to the human body.

The choice of the type of whirlpool bathtub for each one depends entirely on the basic characteristics sought. Above all, it also depends on your budget and location.

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