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New addition to our spa!

SPAs are not a new way to relax because one has already heard about it for ages but under other names like the hot bath. Indeed, several nations have already used this solution to improve their health and well-being. Now, several people work there to propose solutions of relaxation to the public. We are part of it.What you can see at home?We have private spa rooms that you can rent on request. Our jacuzzi tubs have all the facilities to help you relax to the maximum. We also put at your [...]

We are preapring a new special area for children on our spa!

A spa is designed for adults. On the notice of hot tubs, it is written that use is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 6 years. So avoid the spa with small children, but if they are 6 and up, then you will live unforgettable moments of relaxation and joy with them.Enjoy a moment spa with your children, yes, but with some precautionsMore and more, spa & resort hotels offer spa sessions to children over 6 years of age. These are generally massotherapy sessions adapted to [...]

Add a little luxury

You find the decor of your home a little dull or simplistic? So it's time for you to add a touch of luxury to your home. And what’s more luxurious than a spa or a jacuzzi for your house. Today, there is more and more spas and jacuzzis’ offers. In addition, the prices used are very reasonable. This is the occasion or never to buy a jacuzzi for your home.Where to buy a cheap jacuzzi for his house?The democratization of the jacuzzi has also led to lower prices for its whirlpool (hot tub for sale) [...]