New addition to our spa!

SPAs are not a new way to relax because one has already heard about it for ages but under other names like the hot bath. Indeed, several nations have already used this solution to improve their health and well-being. Now, several people work there to propose solutions of relaxation to the public. We are part of it.

What you can see at home?

We have private spa rooms that you can rent on request. Our jacuzzi tubs have all the facilities to help you relax to the maximum. We also put at your service a staff that will serve you everything you wanted to order like champagnes etc. Our spa rooms are not only reserved for people who want to have solo sessions or couples who want to make a romantic tête à tête. We also rent our hot-water baths to groups of friends or people who come to relax as a family. So you have the possibility to take all your relatives with us. We will be happy to welcome you.

What we offer?

For some time we have also opened a swimming pool. If you wanted to savor the water and its benefits in all its forms, come to us. Besides the jacuzzi tubs that already provides pure happiness, you can spend a few moments in the pool or vice versa. Tired of swimming, you can relax your muscles in a hot tub. In both cases, you can always take your friends, your family or your lover or lover. To enjoy these moments, you should first make a reservation. You can call us directly or send us an email via our e-mail address. If you would like to have more information about our offers, you can freely visit our official website or do some research about us on the internet.

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